What is FB magic bar?

This is the little plugin which will create your banners on the top of your site.
Let’s discover through the below demo video!!!

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Grab the FB Magic Bar now!!!

FB Magic Bar is most likely the sneakiest little plugin hitting the market! Whenever we examined this on the blogs, we could get specific traffic to the offers! Simple little interface.

FB Magic Bar – This plugin has this type of easy and fun concept! It is very easy to make use of and a straightforward sell . History has proven the market loves this kind of plugin, and it is coupled with Facebook


You want to address any concerns or doubts you may be getting concerning the legal aspects of utilizing this plugin and approach them mind on. Let’s find out if we can’t answer any concerns you may be getting.

  • Not The EXACT FB Blue : Even just in the default mode, we’re not utilizing the same blue color!.
  • All Original Images : The original logo is not utilized in the style of this bar.
  • No Logo Infringement : Never are we used Facebook’s logo in almost any kind of manner.

In many year, traditional banner ads are….


But now, in 2014, the banner ads are same as FB Magic bar like as the below picture.


….and here is the result when using FB magic bar plugin


Some information about the launch FB magic bar product

Vendor: Chris Jenkins et al
Product: FB Magic Bar
Launch Date: 2014-03-05
Launch Time: 12:00 EST
Front-End Price:$10-$17
Sale Page: http://fbmagicbar.com

FB Magic Bar – Primary Feature

FB Magic Bar is Word Press Plugin Is Going To Be Placed In Under Two Minutes! .

  • Total control : You choose if you would like the FB Magic Bar used on just your house page or all yourwordpress pages
  • Choose how to show : You may make your URL open within the same window or perhaps a new window
  • Simply input your URL :Everything is needed to do is input the URL that you would like the URL redirected to, once they click on the FB Magic Bar
  • Instant/Postponed action : You are able to decide if you would like the FB Magic Bar used immediately or you want there to become a delay
  • Activate sounds: Once the FB Magic Bar is used there is a notification seem that happens too, you can disable that seem
  • Activate Search : The FB Magic bar also offers real search bar, it’s your decision if you opt to activate that search

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Why Should You Get FB Magic Bar ?

Each completed project causes us to be much more hungry, hungry for additional designs, more code and a minimum of more twinkies. Consequently we generate a better web experience.

  • EFFECTIVE : 100%
  • EASY TO USE : 100%
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : 100%

How to set up this FB magic bar plugin?

It’s very easy. You can do follow 6 steps:

Originally we were using this plugin to drive straight to a lead capture page. Then we started testing it with simple CPA offers, and we saw results. The final test was Affiliate Marketing. If you look at the results below you will see the results from a recent campaign we ran. It’s important to point out that the site we activated the plugin on, was very targeted to the offer being promoted.



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